Shifting the shape of the workplace

Instinctive Business helps leaders shape their workplaces during challenging times and navigate the shift to a more positive and efficient workplace. Whatever your situation, instinctive workplace solutions will equip you with insight and strategies to create a better workplace and more meaningful work life.

Work with me to shape up your workplace 

‘i’ look at your workplace from different angles, get into and around corners others possibly can’t and see things others may not be aware of or simply will not say…


Workplace Reviews

Feeling frustrated, stressed or stuck with your workplace? Inherited one that’s gone pear shaped and need to get ship shape? Seeking greater efficiency? An Instinctive Workplace Review will help you get ahead of the game. Can you afford not to?
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Workplace Projects

Engage Instinctive Business to help power up your workplace projects with insight and expertise. Strengthen your capabilities to get your workplace in the best possible shape.
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Workplace Consultations

A quick one-off or a few sessions will help you with your workplace challenges. Gain insight and upskill yourself so you can deal with your workplace dilemmas and shape a more meaningful work life.
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Engage Instinctive Business to receive the sort of workplace expertise you may never have had before. Those who listen, really feel the benefits.  Contact Jennifer Straughan on 0400 225 636.